Hi All,

We are looking for Android Mobile Phone uses to take part in a new KISS Mobile pilot product.

The product is an app which you need to download and will offer you special deals and other services.  You do not need to take up any of the offers or specials however, you will be getting KISS Mobile credit added to your account as part of the loyalty program side to the service.

The amount of credit is dependant on offer being promoted and the also the interaction if any.

This is a pilot program and therefore KISS Mobile will be offering bonus credit to take part in this product.

Unfortunately the pilot can only run on Android Handsets at the minute

If you would like to take part please email support with the subject line - BONUS CREDIT - LOYALTY PROGRAM Android Mobile Phone Users

Please state you what Android device you have - make and model please

A launch date is set for April 1

Many thanks 

KISS Mobile