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Moochie watch sim still not activated on Christmas morning

I set the sim up and activated it days and days ago and it still hasn't activated. So my daughter couldn't use her present when she opened it. Very disappointed. Pls help

Hi Tanya,

Thank you for your message.

Upon checking your account, it seems you were able to use your Moochies last 25th in the morning til today. Can you confirm if you have paired it with the app and completed set up? Our chat line is open, please feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to assist you.

Thank you! :)

No, Christine, I have been in contact with you before re this watch. I was only able to send a voice message on Christmas Day. My daughter is still unable to call out, has no contacts downloaded despite me having paired it to the app and added contacts to the app. I am unable to call her phone. It rings on my end once then a recording message relays her number saying its unavailable. This was her Christmas present and it hasn't worked since opening it. Please someone there call me on 0414900591 to fix this asap

Hi Tanya. Hope you are well.

It seems you are having an issue with your app. Unfortunately, we can only support the connectivity in the network of the SIM Card. Moochies are the expert with the App and Device issues. We highly suggest you contact Moochies directly. Please email them at

Thanks and let us know how you go with Moochies.