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Account charged 3 times

I'd like to know why my account has been debited from 3 times in the one day if no one is using the moochies watch and it's only supposed to debit from my account when credit drops below $5 and only $10 at a time not $10 3 times in a row Not happy at all
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Thanks for your reply I really do hope this is a once off thing and not a continual thing to happen I'll wait for my refund before I'm satisfied

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Same!! Although apparently my 'credit sipped' daughter has been calling her friend on HER Moochie watch (calls watch to watch are supposed to be FREE!!), and I've had an extra $30 ($10 x 3) taken out!! Does the "30 mins included calls" we're supposed to get for $9.95 include calls RECIEVED to watch?? All feels like a bit of a scam now!
Absolutely thinking a scam Just log on to you account with kiss and remove you card details It actually would let me do it so I just put in any number so they'll now be pushing sh&it up hill to take any more money from me I've emailed them aand want a refund asap let's see if I get a reply otherwise happy to contact department of fair trading Scam alright not happy
Surly it wouldn't be charging for the watch to receive calls but who knows what a joke if so Absolutely starting to think there out to scam us heaps of other people are having problems too mainly with getting no reply in regards to their complaints or help with being over charged
Typo: my "credit SLIPPED" according to emails!
This has also happened to me over night! 3x$10 payments!! I can't seem to find an email or contact number, can anyone help?
Me too!!! Same charges and got the same emails. I started thinking does credit included use calls received as well - if so where is this listed to inform people!! Not very happy customer.
Megan try or live chat
I'm waiting on a reply but we are thinking of going to a different provider Hope this helps I'm still waiting a reply

Hi Dear Customers,

I hope you are all well and we do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

First of all, yes, your plan for your Moochies is $9.95 per month which has included calls and data. The Billing has applied your monthly plan fee of $9.95 for the month of January, which you can see from your charges. Please, kindly understand that this is not a scammy thingy, our Billing had run an error and we are getting a quick fix to this. Your automatic recharges were applied to your account credit and if you can check your Account Dashboard, you will see these charges. The error will be fixed soon and the redundant charges will be refunded or reversed to your banks, CC, etc.

Thank you very much and please stand by for the solution. Again, we are deeply sorry for this. We will surely inform you with any improvements of this issue.

Love, KISSMobile.

Thank you Kylie Riley. Apologies for any inconvenience and misunderstanding.

This was a system error and we are assuring of getting a fix. We want to keep you happy and we'll let you know once this has been settled.

Thanks again! :)

My account was charge $10 twice. After receiving an email that said my kiss account was apparently over drawn -$8.78. I don't understand how that can happen when my daughters watch hasn't even been switched on in 3 weeks.
My account has been charged $20 X 3 and my sons watch isn't even working. The side arrow buttons stopped working