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Charged 3 times

Why am I been charged 3 times? Shouldn't it be once a month on the $10 plan. No a happy customer please explain 
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Dear Kasmini,

I hope you are all well and we do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

First of all, yes, your plan for your Moochies is $9.95 per month per number which has included calls and data. The Billing has applied your pro-rated monthly plan fee for December and whole monthly plan fee of $9.95 for the month of January, for each of your 2 numbers, which you can see from your charges. Our Billing had run an error and we are getting a quick fix to this. Your automatic recharges were applied to your account credit and if you can check your Account Dashboard, you will see these charges. The error will be fixed.

Thank you very much and please stand by for the solution. Again, we are deeply sorry for this. We will surely inform you with any improvements of this issue.

Love, KISSMobile.