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Adding Contacts to my Moochies

When adding a contact to the App for your Moochies and you are selecting the Type as Position+Chat+Call, you need to have that person register to the app first. Then, you can add him/her as a contact to your App for your kid's Moochies.

The Admin, guardian or parent, may add a contact without having the family member to download and register the app by selecting the Type as Call only.

How do you delete a contact please?  Also I want my husband to have "position+chat+call" type under Family settings however it seems I can't do this?  Only one phone number allowed to have this setting?  Please advise, thank you.

Hi Naomi,

Thank you for your inquiry.

To Delete a Contact from the Family Numbers. Press and hold the contact you wish to delete and Select OK when the Delete Contact Option prompts.

For your Husband, selecting the Type as Position+Chat+Call, you need to have him register to the app FIRST. Then use his registered email and details to the app when you are adding him as a contact.

Thanks and let me know when you have further question and I'd be happy to help you. Have a great day! :)

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