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Moochies Watch (w/cam) It’s saying equipment is not connected to the internet!

  1. Make sure you have activated your KISSMobile SIMcard -
    Reboot your Moochies Phone Watch and retry using its services again.

  2. SIM should be in NANO-size. When inserting the SIM, the gold part should be facing upward and the trim is going inside first. You should hear a click when you insert the SIM to make sure it sits in.

  3. When the SIM is inserted, check if you've got signals bars and that the watch is not set to Airplane Mode.

  4. Date and Time should be adjusted and correct based on your location.

  5. Are you using the correct app?
When registering to either of these 2 apps, NO verification code is needed. 
When you register to the App, make sure you've selected the Area as Asia and Oceana. Otherwise, you need to register again using a different email address.