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Moochies 3G (No Cam) app says no device

All was working well and for the last few days the app just says “No Device”. When I try and add the watch again using the QR Code, it says its already been added. I can call the watch directly and it will ring. But no other features work. I suspect maybe the internet isn’t working on the watch or not enabled on the SIM?

Thank you for your reply, Karl.

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this inconvenience. Does your wife operate the same app and Moochies watch?

Have you checked the link I sent you? If the tips still won't work, kindly contact Moochies Team directly - as they are the app and device provider for your Moochies.

Rest assured that all are active on our end for the services of your SIM. Please advise.

Hi. Thanks for checking so quickly. Yes I have reinstalled and logged out etc. same issue. My wife is having the same issue.

Hi Karl, thank you for getting in touch.

Upon checking the services of your number, it shows active and fully operational. Can you please advise if you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, then logging in again?

Please also take note of the following tips from this link -

Thank you and I'll look forward to your response. :)

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