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Cancel my plan please

Please cancel my plan please as the watch no longer works

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Hi James,

Thank you for your inquiry and it's sad to hear about the issue on your watch. We'll now cancel the services for your number on our end.

When you'd need our services again in the future, please feel free to let us know as you are always welcome to come back. :)

Please cancel my plan please as watch is no ok get working. Thanks
Please cancel our service. The watch is lost.
Hi I want to cancel my plans please

Hi Ainee,

It really saddens us to see you go. However, as per your request, this is now to confirm that the services for your number 0420415929 have been cancelled on our end.

When you receive another invoice next month, please disregard it as it will only serve as your final invoice and that no further charges will be applied to your account. Feel free to contact us again when you need our services in the future and we'd be happy to welcome you back.

Thank you and have a great day.

Kind regards,


KISSMobile Customer Support

Hi Please cancel all of my services as watch screen broke and is now unusable. Thanks Tom

Please cancel my plan as my watch is unusable.

Many thanks.


Please cancel my account. Watch no longer in use. Thank you
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