You can change your notification methods for voicemail by dialing the numbers listed here:

Notification Call Description
TXT Alert 1218

When a voicemail is left, you'll be sent a TXT to let you know.

To listen to the message, dial 121 from your phone. TXT Alert is the default notification method when you first start using voicemail.

Ring Alert 1219

When a voicemail is left, voicemail will automatically call you back to give you the message (you'll see your own number as the caller ID).

If you miss the call, it'll keep calling at regular intervals until you answer.

Visual voicemail 1217 iPhone only - You can manage your voicemail on from your iPhone, in the Phone app (just tap the 'Voicemail' tab at the bottom). For more info, check out our support page.


Your change will be confirmed, you can then hang up.