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Latest Version of the SeTracker App (operating instructions and new scheme)

APP Register

It needs to register before login. The ID for register can get by scanning barcode or input manually. The account is being registered and setup from us, which will be advised upon posting of the Watch. Other information can input by yourself and the password is changeable. The register interface is shown as below as well as the login: 

                    REGISTER                                               LOGIN

APP function menu

After register, input the correct account and password, click login to enter the Main Menu.

The Main Menu is shown as below:

Function instructions: 

Intercom: Two-way talk between watch and mobile phone

From the Main Menu, select Chat Feature, Click “start record”, APP starts to record and send to watch. The longest voice can be 15s. Short press phone button on the watch to play voice. 

Watch record: Long press power button and hold to record, release to send record voice. The longest record time is 15s. APP terminal will receive a prompt message (the time to receive depends on the network condition).

Map:Real-time check the watch’s location

The Map Feature displays the position of watch and APP mobile phone. The watch starts real-time location for 3 minutes by clicking “location”, the interval time for upload is 10s. After 3 minutes it will recover to the default work mode. We can know the location way of the watch on the map, when location icon is red it is GPS location, blue is LBS location. 

Setting: Parameters setting for watch

Set SOS phone numbers:

It can set 3 phone numbers.

Long press the phone number for 3 seconds to dial the preset numbers. 

If nobody answers, it will send a message to the preset number after

two turns dialing.

Monitor (Voice): 

Usually, parents' phone numbers are set as monitor number.

When you click “ok”, the watch will dial the monitor number initiatively and the phone will hear the voice around the watch while the watch can not hear from the phone.

No disturbing time: 

The watch shields all calls during the three time.

SMS alerts setting: 

Set to send message when low-voltage, SOS and take off watch these 3

situations happen.

Baby address list: 

10 phone numbers can call watch.

Phone Book: 

The watch can preset 10 phone numbers to allow two-way phone call between the watch and the preset phone numbers.

Restore the default work mode: 

GPS is opened 24 hours everyday with 10 minutes upload interval.

Remote shutdown: 

The watch can not be powered off via the power button after powered on, it could be only powered off remotely via APP.


The smallest radius of the fence is 500m, alert message will be sent to APP when go out of the Geofence. 



Choose the number of the love heart, click send and the watch will display the number of the love heart, parents can encourage kids with this function.

Alarm clock: it can set 3 alarm clocks as per your need.

Seek the watch: 

Click “Device” on Main Menu to find the watch, then the watch will ring for 1 minute so that you can find it out. 

Press any key to stop the ring. 

The User can refer to “ME” at the bottom for more details.

“ME” Menu

Attention: You can check registered ID from the device list. If the displayed ID

in APP differs from the watch ID (on the barcode), the watch cannot connect with the APP.

Watch alert instruction

The mobile phone will receive alert messages when alerts happened on watch. Click the message to enter APP and check the details in “Message”. 

Watch work mode

Three basic work modes: Normal mode, Power save mode, Follow. 

Different modes have different upload interval. 

  • Normal mode: 600s upload interval;
  • Power save mode: 3600s upload interval;
  • Follow: 60s upload interval.

1 intercom: APP record and send to device, device record and send to APP.
2 map: APP can search the last position and show in the map, and get the real time position.
3 health: APP can search the movement of the device.
4 footprint: APP can search the historical route and show in the map.
5 geofence: APP can set geofence, APP can get the message when device strides the geofence.
6 message: APP can get the low batt message, SOS message and so on.
7 alarm: APP can set the alarm of the device.
8 find watch: APP send the command, the device will ring.
9 rewards: APP can send rewards to the device, like red heart.
10 settings: APP can set the SOS number, work mode, shutdown command and so on.


Current Version



October 22, 2016

Requires Android

3.0 and up