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Moochies Watch Setup Instructions

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Product Introduction


                                         (1) SPEAKER 

                                         (2) SCREEN

                                         Displays menu options, time, battery & signal. 

                                         (3) CONFIRM BUTTON

                                         Confirm call, start recording voice message. 

                                         (4) MENU BUTTONS

                                         Press arrow buttons to flick through menu. 

                                         (5) CHARGING PORT

                                         Charging port via USB cable.


                                         (6) SIM CARD SLOT

                                         Inserting SIM card

                                         Remove SIM card: push the SIM card slightly,

                                         SIM card will eject.

                                         (7) MICROPHONE

                                         (8) SOS BUTTON

                                         Long press for 2 seconds, and the watch will send

                                         an SOS alarm notification to the parents APP.

                                         (9) POWER BUTTON

                                         Power on: Long press for 2 seconds

                                         Power off: Long press for 2 seconds

Getting Started

1. Insert SIM Card

Insert your MicroSIM card into the slot in the watch. (Ensure it has some credit, to enable it to make phone calls, to then synchronize it with your phone).


Now start the watch. Check that the display shows you have some power and that there are at least 2 bars of network signal.

2. Download APP

Download the APP from either Google Play or Appstore, called:


3. Open the APP / Register an account

Swipe the info screens to the left until you reach the page with a START button. A login screen will appear. Click REGISTER at the bottom of the page.

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4. Registration

Input your email address.

Input a password of your choice, then re-enter it again for confirmation. Now, click on 'GET CODE', and then check your email within 60 seconds. Enter the 6-digit code that you have been emailed. Complete by clicking on 'REGISTER'.


Remember to check your 'Junk Box', in case you don't receive the Verification code, in your Inbox, within 60 seconds.

5.  Adding a Device

You will be brought to a new screen to ‘Add Device’. Click on the button at the bottom ‘ADD WATCH’. Moochies Binding Code (At this point, make sure the watch is powered on, has a sim card inserted, and is activated with credits - if not, click here to activate).



6. Input User Details

The next page on the APP will ask you to fill in information on the child who will be using the watch. You can select a photo for the child, give a nickname, birth date, etc. All fields must be completed.

After inserting all the details, Click COMPLETE.


Main Menu

7. Home Screen

After completing the Binding process, the app will load the child's location.

Click on the option 'SETTINGS' at the bottom of the app to see the main menu (see image below). The Home Screen sets out all the functions in an easy to access format.


Safe Zones

8. Setting up Safe  Zones

Click on the Safe Zones  Icon, on the main menu, to set up a geo-fence perimeter so you are alerted if your child leaves the area.

Simply click on the + icon,  and set up how many metres you would like to set up as a fence around that specific address, then click 'Save'. (The location shown, will be the current child's address at that particular moment).





9. How to  Add a Contact?

You can add up to 10 contacts who can call the watch, and which the watch can call.

Click on the Family Icon, on the main menu. Then, click on the + icon to add an authorised user. (The name you set will also appear in the contacts menu, on the Moochies watch). You can also add a cool icon for each contact, which will also show on the Moochies watch. Adding Contacts to my Moochies


GPS History

10. History of GPS movements

This will let you see where your child has been, and even has a calendar so you can check the past history.

This will also let you see how much exercise your child has done, through the pedometer function.


Watch Friends

Watch Friends is a feature that allows 2 kids, that have Moochies watches to connect their watches together.

To connect the watches, both kids must 'shake' the watches close to each other. Then, a notification will be shown on your phone, so you can see which of your kid's friends they have connected with. There will be a permanent list of your kid's connected friends on the 'Watch Friends' in the main menu, and you will see the new Contact listed there.

After that, the child will be able to call his/her friend from the Contact menu on the watch.


You can remotely set up multiple alarms on the watch for future days.
Simply click the ADD button, and you will be able to set up the times and dates of your preference.


Special Care Time (GPS)
The GPS tracking features are located on this option.
In order to get a more precise accuracy GPS location of the watch, you should change the INTERVAL TIME to every 1 MIN. That way, the GPS will locate and report the watch's location more accurately.
You can set up special times for it to be more precise, such as when the child is out. (But it is not necessary to do it so frequently, for example when the child is at home).


Voice Messaging


Adding Multiple Devices


Watch Settings

Watch Settings allows you to set up extra options/features on the watch, such as:
AUTO ANSWER:  Whenever the watch gets a call, the device will automatically answer it.
TIME ZONE:  Set up the time zone, so the time is displayed correctly on the watch screen.
NO USE IN CLASS:  Allows you to set up time preferences, so the watch is not able to make or receive calls, such as when the child is at school.






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