Safety: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you turn your eyes away for just a moment, to turn back and have lost sight of your child? I think the answer to that is yes, we all have. With Moochies you would be able to immediately call your child and check the GPS, to find their whereabouts and cut out that panic.


Connectivity: No matter where your child is, you know you can always call them. Be it at a friend's house; a party; playing in the park, or a weekend with the Grandparents. There are so many moments a parent just wants that extra peace-of-mind to check-in with the children, check they are okay, and let them know they can get hold of you whenever they wish.   

Freedom: With the ability to connect with your child at the push of a button, you can afford to relax, and let them have that bit more freedom. 



  • Does the Moochies phone watch need a SIM card? 

Yes, Moochies is effectively a mobile phone so it does require a sim card


  • Is the Moochies phone watch locked to a specific network? 

For 2G - No, you can use any network carrier you wish. The only requirement is that the network supports the 2g network.

For 3G - We currently offer 2 options on our device: a discounted purchase price for a network locked device, which can only be used with a Kiss Mobile sim card, which comes pre-installed; or an unlocked non-discounted device where you can choose to use any 3G network of your choice.


  • Do you supply a SIM with a Moochies phone watch? 

Yes, we can supply a SIM card with your Moochies. 


  • Are the SIM cards you provide fixed on a contract? 

The SIM cards we supply are on postpaid and gives you the flexibility of topping up yourself or allowing an auto-top-up to keep your services active. We do mostly recommend you enable the auto-top-up which you can do once you receive the SIM card. We supply full instructions on how to do so in the package with your Moochies phone watch. 



  • Can anyone call the Moochies phone watch? 

No, only 10 pre-set numbers are permitted to call the Moochies phone watch. So you don’t have to worry about your child receiving calls from strangers. The Administrator (usually the parent or guardian) can set these 10 numbers from the Moochies APP, these can be changed by the Administrator at any time. 


  • Who can the child call from the phone watch? 

There will be a list of contacts displayed on the watch screen when the child chooses CONTACTS, and these numbers are set by the Administrator (usually the parent or guardian) from the Moochies APP, so kids will be allowed to call only the numbers registered in the app. 


  • Can I change the permitted numbers at any time? 

Yes, the Administrator (usually the parent or guardian) can change the permitted numbers at any time through the Moochies APP on their phone. 


  • Who can check the GPS location of the Moochies phone watch? 

Only the Administrator (usually the parent or guardian), can access this information from the Moochies APP. 


  • How do I know if my child's Moochies phone watch is low on power? 

The Moochies APP on your phone shows the percentage charge that the Moochies phone watch has, and it will send you an alert when the watch drops below 10% charge. This way you can make sure your child's Moochies is always on and you can reach them at the push of a button.


  • How do I charge the Moochies phone watch? 

There is a supplied USB cable charger. You can plug it into an adaptor, like a mobile phone charger socket, enabling you to charge from a power point or by USB connection to a computer. 


  • How long is the standby time for the Moochies phone watch? 

This depends on how many calls the Moochies makes or receives, however, standby time is around 4 days. 


  • Is the material used in the Moochies phone watch safe? 

The Moochies phone watch is made from non-toxic silicone, which is harmless to the child. All aspects of the Moochies phone watch complies with safety standards. The battery is safer than a standard lithium battery, as it is a gel polymer lithium-ion battery, which prevents internal combustion. 


  • Is the Moochies phone watch waterproof? 

The Moochies phone watch is water resistant, meaning it is durable to splashing. However, the Moochies phone watch will be damaged if it is submersed in water. 


  • What size is the Moochies watch strap?

The watch strap, from furthest hole to clasp is 17cm. The shortest hole to clasp is 12cm, with the gap between holes every 0.3cm.


  • How do I download the Moochies APP? 

You can download the Moochies APP for free from the iStore if you have an apple phone, or Google Play if you have an Android phone. 


  • Do I have to pay for the Moochies APP? 

The Moochies APP is free. 


  • How does the Moochies APP on my phone connect to my child's Moochies phone watch? 

Each Moochies phone watch has a unique code, which registers with the Moochies APP on your phone. This is simple to set up and your Moochies delivery will have full step-by-step instructions on how to pair your Moochies APP with the Moochies phone watch.