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Reference:  Wherecom K2 App >> System Settings >> About >> FAQ

Function and Use

What SIM card does the wherecom kid watch support?

It supports GSM900/1800 or 850/1900 and the SIM card can connect to the Internet and receive text message.

How does it achieve accurate position?

Wherecom kid watch is one of the most accurate GPS watch on the market, it takes the dual-mode positioning technology of GPS + LBS. However, being the limitation of accuracy positioning for civil GPS and high buildings and obstructions in urban area, it will result in larger deviation with little chance. Consumers should not believe any catchphrase of accurate positioning. Prevention is the key to care for kid safety.

Q: How long is the standby time for kid watch?

A: The kid watch has a battery capacity up to 600mAh, almost the top one. The standby time is related to position frequency and supports 2-3 days actual use. Normal standby time is more than 100 hours.

Q: Does the kid watch need network support when using the positioning function?

A: The kid watch needs to use SIM card, which will upload data to server, thus network is a must.

Wear and safety

Q: What is the age range of kid watch?

A: Target users are 4-12 years old children.

Q: Is the material safe and secure?

A: The kid watch uses the silicone material that conforms to the Children's toys material safety standards in the European Union and China, thus there is no worry about safety wear.

Q: How to clean the watch strap after being dirty?

A: Please wipe it with a clean damp cloth, or wipe with little bit alcohol if dirty is not easy to remove.

Q: Does the radiation affect the children physical health?

A: Our kid watch has no radiation and parents don’t need to concern with this.

Q: Will watch battery explode when it is in high temperature or charging?

A: Compared with the traditional lithium-ion battery, our kid watch use a battery that not easy to deform, but portable, durable and higher safety performance. The gel polymer lithium-ion battery used a special colloidal electrolyte, and it will prevent from explosion as battery internal will not produce air or gas even if the liquid boils. This type of battery showed perfect performance in dozens of reliability testing such as crash, acupuncture, crushing, and heating.

Q: Is the kid watch waterproof?

A: Our kid watch supports life water-resistant. It is ok for splashing water that produced by washing and playing, but cannot be washed and soaked.

Q: Is it normal to go heating when it is in charging?

A: Yes, it is normal to get heat slightly.


Q: What operation system does the kid watch support?

A: IOS supports 7.0 and above.

What can I do if I did not receive the verification code when paring it with mobile phone?

A: Need to confirm initially:
(1)Is the signal of SIM card working normal?
(2)If yes, does the SIM card receive message and browse internet normally.
(3)Is the IMEI code on the device same as that on the box?
Please contact our customer service people if all above are normal.

Q: What can I do if failure in downloading APP and scanning QR?

A: In case of failure in scanning QR, try again in bright place or adjust the distance between camera lens and QR codes.