In most cases when customers do say that their watches keep 'searching' for a signal endlessly, is that they are not activating the SIMcard before inserting it into their watches and then - turning it on. However, in some cases, you may be inserting the SIMcard the wrong way around. Please see below video the proper way of inserting your SIMcard:

In the very last case, if the watch really keeps just looking for the signal, see below a response from Moochies Team that as it has to do with the frequency of networks and not being the one we need for their devices:

Just to explain what might be happening: our watch being a 3G device only picks up the higher frequency signal available in networks (1900 / 2100 Mhz - which all networks provide and support). Unfortunately, in some rural/remote areas, you might not get this high frequency and would only find the lower frequencies (850 Mhz), which might be the case you are experiencing with your watch, hence why it is not picking up signal, or occasionally it does but with a poor connection probably, and that is why the delay in receiving the messages.

If it is ok with you, would you mind contacting Telstra (and Vodafone, and other networks too) to confirm with them which signal/frequency you get in the area you live? Perhaps if they do say you can't find the higher frequency, you might want to check with a different carrier as well. (We believe Vodafone is the best one in terms of coverage while in Australia and normally all their signal level is the higher frequency - the one the watch needs). But that may vary for certain areas.

If all the networks available in your area confirm you only get the 850Mhz frequency where you live, you can return the watch to us and we will process you a refund. -

For cases where one watch works and the other one doesn't, we then must assume they are faulty and just organise the customer to return the watch to us so we can test it and fix the problem. (Either by - literally fixing the issue) or sending them a new one, if we can't fix the issue.