If your Moochies watch is not being able to call the main contact person (admin), vice-versa: 

This might have to do as well with our app not working consistently, but to explain a bit further: for safety reasons, the watch has an automatic block for any incoming calls from 'stranger numbers' that are not registered through the FAMILY MEMBERS option in the app. That is to avoid any unwanted people calling our little ones. Perhaps their number is not properly registered.

Basically, all they would have to do is go to:

  • SETTINGS (through the app); 
  • Then, FAMILY MEMBERS and you are gonna click on the option INVITE FAMILY MEMBERS;
  • Then, select the option 2. Add Contact;
  • And put yourself down once again and perhaps choose a different name, such as MUM 2 and add your phone number and click CONFIRM;
  • Then, turn the watch ON and OFF again, and when it turns itself off try calling from that exact number that you have just added. You will see that this will make the watch work.

You will have to repeat these same steps for anyone of your family (or friends) that you wish to be able to call the watch.