The app and watch only supports ENGLISH, SPANISH, CHINESE and PORTUGUESE

See attached the video below, where you can see where the LANGUAGE option is located through the app.

  • Normally, all you have to do is to turn the watch ON. Then, clicking on the watch's screen and swiping the screen to the right 2 times, until you reach the last option, that will be DEVICE. Once you see this option, one more click ('touching' the screen), and you will enter the options in that section. Then, swipe UP on that same screen, and you'll see the LANGUAGE MENU OPTION over there.
  • Simply select whichever language you want and the watch will be updated within 3 seconds.

NOTE: This video was a most recent update that the new watches will have, adding that manual 'edit' for the time zone to the watch's system, but all of the watches already sent do not count with that. So if you do not have this feature in your Moochies Watch, please contact Moochies Support Team through as they will need to update the firmware of their watches manually and send the watches back, because there is no way of updating the firmware without them receiving the watches.