1.1. The Services we provide may include mobile telephone calls, international calls, SMS, voicemail and any other Services that we make available from time to time and which may be used from your mobile phone. You acknowledge and agree that we may withdraw, alter or add to, any of the Services that we provide to you without the provision of further notice to you.

1.2. Your agreement with us commences when we receive your completed application form (“Application”) for us to provide the Services. The provision of the Services is subject to us accepting your Application and we may refuse to provide you with the Services at our sole discretion.

1.3. We will supply the Services to you through network operators (“Carriers”) nominated by us from time to time and you agree that we may change Carriers at any time without providing any notice to you.

1.4. If we provide you with a sim-card, that sim-card will remain our property. If you lose your sim-card or mobile phone, please contact us immediately. We may charge you for any replacement sim-card.

1.5. Subject to the requirements of any applicable legislation, (including the Australian Consumer Law), we do not warrant that we will be able to supply any of the Services to you. You acknowledge that we will only be able to supply the Services to the extent and to the standard that Carriers provide Services to us. Subject to any requirements of any applicable legislation, (including the Australian Consumer Law), we will not be liable for any failure to supply you with all or any part of the Services and you acknowledge that if the agreement between us and a Carrier is terminated and a Carrier agrees to arrange supply of Services to you, the Carrier may not be able to make those arrangements immediately and if any are made, they may be on the Carrier’s current retail terms and conditions.

1.6. You acknowledge that we may pay sales agents fees or commission to any dealer or retailer who introduces you to us.

1.7. If you transfer services to us from another supplier, you must immediately pay amounts owing to that supplier and you authorise us to instruct that supplier on how to transfer the services.

1.8. We are required by various industry codes to ensure that our bills are accurate and verifiable and we are committed to complying with these requirements. Our records are sufficient proof that a charge is payable unless they are shown to be incorrect