2.1. You agree that you will be liable for all levies and charges for any Services used via your mobile phone (or sim-card), even if you are not the person using those Services, or the Services are used while your mobile phone (or sim-card) is not in your possession. The levies and charges payable will be those levies and charges disclosed to you at the time you submit your Application to us and in accordance with the applicable call plans or rates you have selected (“Charges”).

2.2. We may not increase our Charges without your consent. We may increase our Charges on the provision of written notice to you by email or any other lawful means and your written consent to these changes to your Charges by email or by any other lawful means. You will be deemed to have given consent if you fail to respond to our written notice within thirty (30) days. The increase in Charges will take effect at the date stated on our notice or if not stated, at the commencement of the month following the date that our written notice is provided.

2.3. You must supply us with your credit card details (including without limitation, your name and address, type of credit card, credit card number, credit card expiry date and CVS/CVV2 number or equivalent) to be able to use our Services and to enable us to bill you. All payments to us must be made by credit card and by automatic payment. You hereby authorise us to deduct our fees and charges (as set out in these Terms and Conditions) from your nominated credit card on a monthly basis or according to the payment terms of the specific plan.

2.4. You will pay our current Charges (including charges of any other suppliers to us) from time to time for the Services we provide to you and our invoices must be paid by the due date specified on our invoice. Unless otherwise stated by us in writing, our Charges will be invoiced on a monthly basis and are exclusive of any taxes (including GST) and you agree that we can pass on and you will pay any taxes payable on our Charges (including GST).

2.5. If you do not pay an account by the due date specified on our invoice, then we may charge interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or part thereof on the outstanding amount of the account, and/or suspend all or part of your Services pending payment of all outstanding amounts (including interest).

2.6. If we transfer the Services to another supplier, you must pay us all our Charges up to the date of transfer.

2.7. When you must pay:

(a) Where a Direct Debit or credit card arrangement applies, we may Extract payment for Charges’

(i) after it is billed (if we issue a Bill for the Service/s) or
(ii) after the end of the current Billing Period (if we do not issue a Bill for the Service).

TCP Customers’ All Billing information will be accessible before we do so, but you agree that we need not allow 10 working days before Extraction (as would otherwise be required by clause 5.7.1(c) of the TCP Code).

(b) If any Bill is overdue for payment, you must pay that Bill and any other Bill immediately.
(c) In any other case, you must pay a Bill within 14 days after its Bill Date.