KissMobile Network Wholesale provider is Vodafone. Some links on this article may point to their website.

What is KISSMobile's message centre number?


Text messaging should be ready to go as soon as your phone's connected. If it doesn't work straight away, there are two settings to check:

  • Message centre number: +61415011501 
  • Message format: this should be set to text

How to check and change it?

For most mobile devices:
  1. Go to your Message Settings and find the option for the message centre number.
  2. Make sure the number is +61415011501.

Once you've selected your device type, make and model, go to "Basic Use", select "Text Messaging" then "Set up your phone for text messaging". You have to use KISSMobile's message centre number.

For iPhone:
  1. Check your message centre number by dialing *#5005*7672# 
  2. If the ‘Service Centre Address’ isn't +61415011501, dial **5005*7672*+61415011501# to set it to the correct one