This applies to plans that all use the Vodafone network.

Setting it up for the first time.


Dial 121 (standard call charges apply).

You’ll be asked to select a Voicemail security code of 4-10 digits. You’ll be asked for this code when you're checking messages from another phone. Your security code can't include:
  • Sequential numbers (e.g. 12345)
  • Repeated numbers (e.g. 11111)

Record your name to personalise the standard greeting.

Set your time zone by selecting your state.

That’s all you need to do to set up the basics, but you can stay on the line to customise your Voicemail even further:
  • Personalise your Voicemail greeting 
  • Change your notification method 
  • Switch your security code prompt on/off

You can also dial ‘121’ at any time to change your Voicemail settings.

How to record a personal greeting

Keep it personal: it’s your voice that callers want to hear. Personalise your Voicemail with your own greeting. 

  • Dial 121 
  • Press * to go to the main menu 
  • Select 3 to change your personal preferences 
  • Press 1 to change your greeting, then follow the prompts 

You also have the option of personalising one of our pre-recorded fun greetings

Divert calls to Voicemail

If you can’t answer, don’t want to answer calls, or you’re in an area without coverage, you can get all calls diverted to Voicemail. If you’re On Contract or On Account, you can also divert calls to another mobile or a landline.

Please note Prepay customers can only divert to Voicemail.

  • To divert all calls to Voicemail – Dial 1212 
  • To cancel all calls being diverted – Dial 1213 
  • To get calls diverted to Voicemail when there’s a ‘no answer’, ‘busy’ or ‘unreachable’ signal on your mobile – Dial 1211

Turn Off Voicemail
Please contact us via live chat or submit a ticket and request to deactivate/turn off voicemail.