KissMobile Network Wholesale provider is Vodafone. Some links on this article may point to their website.

Blocking incoming and outgoing calls

Call barring is a way to restrict your phone from making and/or receiving calls. You can use GSM codes to place a bar yourself or you can contact us and we’ll place one for you.

We might also bar your service for account related reasons, such as for unpaid bills or high unbilled charges.

What happens if my calls are barred?

  • Outgoing call bar – Calls you make won’t connect and you’ll hear a recorded message letting you know call barring is active
  • Incoming call bar – When someone tries to call you, the call won’t connect and we’ll let them know you’ve got incoming call restrictions

Removing call barring

  • If you didn't place the bar yourself, there may be an issue with your account that needs to be sorted out before it can be removed. Contact us for help by submitting a ticket or chat with us via live chat. 
  • If you placed the bar yourself using GSM codes, dial #330*{Barring PIN}# to remove all bars.