Keep an eye on your usage (Read More)

Here's how to check how much data you're using, and find out what's using it:

  • Data Monitors - The built-in features on your phone can help track down which apps or functions are using the most data.
  • Kiss Mobile Customer Portal - Check what you’ve used and your remaining balance online through your Dashboard.
  • Kiss Mobile Alerts - We'll help you stay on top of your data with alerts when you reach 50, 85 and 100% of your included usage.

Keep your data usage down

Once you've got an idea of what's using your data, here are some tips to keep your data usage down if you need.

Check your phone settings

Use WiFi
Use WiFi whenever possible, and save your included data for when you’re out and about.

Your phone may quietly switch back to mobile data if you slip out of range, or the signal is interrupted. Watch out for it by keeping an eye on the toolbar to see which network you're connected to.

Background data usage
Even when you’re not actively using your phone, it may still be using data in the background. Some of the things to look out for are listed below.

Auto backup or file transfers to services
For services like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive, look for settings which will:
  • Only use WiFi 
  • Change the frequency of updates 
  • Let you specify the content you want to backup or transfer 

Software updates
They're huge, save them for WiFi.

App updates
Switch off automatic app updates, and users choose to use WiFi to download them.

Reduce the frequency your phone checks your email, and check whether there's an option to restrict attachment download.

Hotspots and tethering
Laptops, in particular, can be pretty hungry, so keep track of how much data they’re using. Consider getting a Pocket WiFi for a dedicated mobile data connection.

Switch mobile data off
You can switch mobile data off completely, but it's a pretty extreme measure. Smartphones rely pretty heavily on data, so it might be better looking at getting more data if you need it.

Check your app settings

Below are just a few options for some of the data-intensive apps out there. If you find something else is using a stack of data, look through the settings in that app to see if there are any options for quality or mobile data use that would help reduce its impact.

Some optional features can be pretty taxing. If you don't need them, switch them off:
  • Photo and video auto-sync
  • Video auto-play in your feed

Save data by changing your quality setting when using a mobile network.

Video, audio and live streaming
Here are some tips when using our streaming subscription partners:
  • How much data does Stan use?
  • Spotify data usage

If you're using an alternate streaming service, check whether there's a quality or mobile data restriction setting you can adjust.

They can really chew through your data quite quickly, so keep an eye on how you're going if you're using them frequently.