If your plan is no longer working for you, you may consider changing to a plan that better suits your needs.

You may want to change the plan or may upgrade or downgrade with data plans. You simply need to contact us - submit a ticket, message us on Facebook or reach us via live chat, to request a plan change. Please NOTE that we only downgrade plans at the end of every calendar month. Also, your account must maintain the required minimum credit of the new plan you want to change with, especially when upgrading plans.

Please provide us with the following information so we can make the change for you:

  • Mobile Number (that requires the change)
  • New Plan: (ex: Keep it Simple + 2GB)

To check what are the plans we offer, please go to this link - https://www.kissmobile.com.au/sim-only-plans.

PAYG Data Plans - https://www.kissmobile.com.au/payg-plans#PAYGDATAPLANS

Unlimited Plans - https://www.kissmobile.com.au/payg-plans#UNLIMITEDPLANS

PAYG Plans - https://www.kissmobile.com.au/payg-plans

If you are currently on Keep It Easy (Optus) plan, you may still ask for a change of plan on Vodafone. This change will require a replacement of SIM.

If you have a chosen a new plan, please contact our Support Team stating your number and the new plan you want to be in. You can contact support by emailing support@kissmobile.com.au, chat with us live or leave a message, or by submitting a ticket via Support portal - http://support.kissmobile.com.au/support/tickets/new.