Access you Voicemail directly from your iPhone

Visual Voicemail allows you to manage your Voicemail directly from your iPhone. You can see instantly how many messages you have, listen to or delete them, and personalise your greeting all from the menu of your iPhone.

How much it costs

Within Australia

Visual Voicemail uses data which is charged at your standard rate.

While international roaming

Roaming data rates will apply. Find out more about using Voicemail while roaming.

How it works

  1. With Visual Voicemail, when a message is left you'll see a notification against the phone icon on your iPhone
  2. Tap ‘Phone
  3. Tap ‘Voicemail
  4. Your messages are listed here. Tapping each ones gives you the option to listen to the message, return the call, and delete the message
  5. You can re-record your default Voicemail greeting directly from your Voicemail menu

Activate Visual Voicemail

Step 1

Dial ‘1217’ from your iPhone. A recorded message will confirm Visual Voicemail has been switched on.

Step 2

If it's working, there's no step 2. If it hasn't worked though:

  • Push and hold the power button to turn your phone off and back on.
  • Check whether a software update is available for your phone, if so download and install it
  • Redial '1217' to activate

Step 3

Your personalised greeting will carry over.  If you need to change it, there's an option to change your greeting in the Visual Voicemail menu:

Want to deactivate Visual Voicemail?