Switch off Visual Voicemail from your phone

Visual Voicemail allows you to manage your Voicemail directly from your iPhone.

If you'd rather not use Visual Voicemail, or you've switched to a different phone, you can deactivate it and be notified of new voicemail with a TXT or a call instead. If you prefer, you can even switch Voicemail off completely.

Deactivate Visual Voicemail

Option 1 - Change notification method

From your phone, dial one of the following numbers to switch to our standard Voicemail service:

Dial Function Description
1218 TXT Alert You'll receive a TXT message alerting you to new Voicemail messages
1219 Ring Alert Your phone will ring to deliver your new Voicemail messages

Option 2 - Switch Voicemail off

If you'd prefer to switch Voicemail off completely, follow our instructions to switch Voicemail off through your phone.

Want to reactivate Visual Voicemail?

Dial '1217' from your phone to get Visual Voicemail back on your iPhone anytime